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David Valdivia M.

David Valdivia Monzalvo (CDMX, 1993). Graduated from the UVM in 2015; with professional experience, in which he has had the opportunity to work and combine the use of different materials for different sectors of the market.


David Valdivia is a Design Studio / Workshop which is born of the search for a special interaction between the user and the design, focusing on creating a structured concept to then offer an innovative result; All this by searching, experimenting and adapting new media and languages, without leaving behind the use of materials and craft techniques.


With the designs we focus on a theme, generating a style of composition, where a space can be made up of different objects, which despite being independent of one another, by joining together can form a harmony to generate spaces and objects with contemporary character, adaptable and timeless.


We are aware of good design, so we always think about the transport, installation, as well as the use and end of life of each design. Innovation, vanguard and honesty are our principles, we seek and applaud the collaboration between creatives to reaffirm and change the way we look at the world.

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