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Haumea Tables

Description: Cocktail Table
Designer: David Valdivia 
Design: 2018
Materials: Chromed Steel, Ebony Crystal Granite
Dimensions: T1. 50 x 45 cm, T2. 80 x 36 cm, T3. 100 x 40 cm


Haumea are 3 individual tables, which work together, creating a coffee table of 3 heights and different diameters.

Thanks to the fact that they are 3 independent pieces, they can be moved and adapted according to the client's needs, and what the space where they are placed.

They’re based on ¨Space Oddity¨ suggesting that everything exists and is created in our universe. The most unthinkable and unimaginable forms are out there in our space.

These tables take the name "Haumea", which is a dwarf planet, which has difference with other planets in different aspects, being small and oval, showing how everything in the universe can be strange and makes us unique, allowing us be part of something.


The cover of these tables is proposed in Ebony Granite of 20mm, finished polished and sealed. This material was chosen for the textures that form the granite, which resembles a planet seen in a distant way, and when forming the 3 pieces it gives us a idea of ​​union and planetary functioning. Apart from being an easy to clean material and suitable for use in tables.

The structure is the main innovation in these tables. These are made of 2 x ½ steel and are finished in chrome. In the form of these legs is the degree of innovación, which characterizes them of other tables.

The material was carefully worked and much experimentation was carried out in the workshop to achieve this shape, which are 3 legs joined in a structure that supports the granite as a cover; Its shape is triangular and ends in pointed legs. Giving the sensation of elegance with this fine detail. While if observed from another angle you can see a rounding, providing a semicircular and pointed ending to the object. No doubt a detail that makes the piece striking, which makes you turn again to appreciate it, causing a very interesting visual effect in this set.

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