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Loope Table

Description: Dining Table
Designer: David Valdivia 
Design: 2018
Materials: Poplar Wood and Resin
Dimensions: 100 x 75 cm

Exhibitions: Dimueble 2018 (finalist)


This dining table is inspired by the magnifying glass and mainly its operation, which is based on a converging lens that enlarges an image. The legs, represent the projection of light that generates when passing the lens, creating rebounds of light in the ground.

This dining table is considered to be used by 4 to 6 people; and to being able to adapt to a room in a hotel, or a department in housing spaces, where coexistence is the protagonist. The height has the standard dimensions for a dining room, adapting easily to auxiliary objects, in this case to a chair.

In terms of materials, solid poplar wood with a semi-matt finish was chosen for interior use; the color details in enamel help to frame and give aesthetics to the table, using a simple and interesting assembly system, facilitating the union of the cover to the structure.

The 3 lines of resin on the cover help to frame and give personality to Loope.

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